Business CCTV Installation

Business CCTV Installation is an essential consideration for commercial premises. Throughout the pandemic and lockdown, many criminals have taken advantage of empty buildings and targeted them for burglary. Police statistics show that in Birmingham, commercial properties were the target of burglary every 21 minutes, totalling over 24,801 crimes during 2020.

Benefits of Business CCTV Installation

Having Business CCTV Installation on your commercial premises is likely to act as a visual deterrent to potential thieves, as they don’t want to risk being ‘caught on camera’ and don’t know what other security measures you have in place.

With the advancement of CCTV systems, there is now the ability to access a live feed directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC via a cloud-based solution. You can have motion-activated sensors to track unauthorised movement, as well as 24/7/365 stored footage of your external premises if you ever need it in the future.

It can also help employees and visitors to your business feel more safe, secure and protected knowing that their employer cares about there protection. This often leads them to feel more comfortable in their environment and therefore much more productive.

Before investing in a Business CCTV Installation, you should do diligent research into the company and ensure you choose the right package to cover your requirements. Does it include full coverage of your premises? Is there a police response to a crime-in-progress? Are repairs and servicing included?

business CCTV installation