Trademark registration process

The Trademark registration process can be a complex one, there are many steps you will have to follow.

Firstly, it is wise to apply for registration on the USPTO’s (The United States Patent and Trademark Office) principal register. Then you will need to submit the bases for filing, enter the contents of the application, online form filling, confirm the filing and monitor status, respond to the office actions, make sure the mark is published, and then submit a statement of use.

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How long does the trademark registration process take?

The trademark registration process is not a short one, it can be a very lengthy process. It can take up to 18-24 months, but once the application is received it will have a number issued within a few days.

Depending on where you want the trademark registration process to take place will determine the price of how much you will get charged and how long the process will take, different countries will have different processes to follow.

How much will a trademark registration cost?

As a rough guide price for the trademark registration process, it can range anywhere from £200 to £700.

We recommend when going through the Trademark registration process that you speak to the experts in this field, they will be the best people to guide you through every step, as if you try and do it on your own it can be confusing, for a trademark expert it will be an easy process that they will have followed many times before so will be able to put it through for you once you have given them all the details

Do your research when finding a company to see your trademark registration process through from the start to the finish. You will want one with experience and one that you can trust.