Gas Installation

Gas installation problems

If you have a problem with your  then go to your browser and type in the search term that takes your fancy! For example you could type in gas installation servicesimage of a boiler find a list from the internet for the top 6 companies that appear (don’t always rely on ADwords listings) When you look down the search results look for relevant links from blog posts or companies that have a good rating under there name, highlight the company and open them up in a new tab this will enable you to keep the original search page that you had so you can compare companies easier.

Choosing a gas installation company

After choosing the companies you feel fit the criteria or have the most relevance to what you need, go through there website and see how they fair, do they have testimonials, do they have ‘real’ photos or do they look like they have been copied from somewhere else!  Do they have an 0800 number a mobile and a landline on there contact page, can you see if the site is secure by looking at the top left address bar and seeing the relevant notifications…

Making your decision

After you have done this I would call the appropriate companies, see how they advertise there page – does it collate with how there site has been made.  Does the information match up and do they seem confident polite and know what you need from your phone call? All of these areas are worth marking down (even give a score for each category)

Getting your gas installed and repaired with a reliable and confident company will give you the assurance and confidence to call them and maybe even pay more than the lower quote (that’s if its not the cheapest anyway)! So do your research and look online, type gas installation and get a reliable recommended and trustworthy engineer to your home today!